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October 28, 2012

Apple TV, by a late adopter

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I realise that the Apple TV has been around for years but I never wanted one while it only output at 720p. I mean, that’s not really very HD is it in this day and age? The latest version was released and with it came 1080p – at last, it was approaching a specification that I was interested in.

However, for one reason or another, I still didn’t buy one. Sure, I kept looking and thinking ‘I’d quite like that’ and doing nothing about it.

Then my OS updated to Mountain Lion and my iPhone updated to iOS6, and there was talk of Airplay and Video Mirroring. Things that I had heard of, but not really been interested in… but I suddenly decided ‘I want some of this’ and went out and bought the Apple TV.

I plugged it in and it started to talk to me. How odd. I soon turned that off, popped in my Apple password, and off it went, all configured and ready to go.

It’s great. Yes, it’s a closed system – come on, it IS Apple – but since I use Apple computers and phones anyway that’s no big deal. I can flick my photos from phone to TV screen, along with videos. It’s worth it for that function alone. The ability to wirelessly send my phone or laptop screen to the TV is priceless, and required no setup whatsoever.

I’m now hooked to the Apple TV. Video quality is amazing, I’ve had no buffering issues, and I can now show off my entire photo library to poor unsuspecting guests. I’m looking forward to seeing what they add to the OS next. BBC iPlayer would be cool.

Right, I’m off to play…


September 13, 2012

Another year, another iPhone

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Now that the initial buzz over the new iPhone, launched yesterday on September 12, is dying down, I thought I’d take the time to gather my own thoughts on the new device.

Firstly, it looks as though all the leaks were correct. The phone looks, essentially, like a taller version of the iPhone 4/4S. The iPod compatible port we’ve come to know and love has been replaced by a shiny new interface dubbed ‘Lightning’. I love that Apple have interfaces called Thunderbolt and Lightning (very, very frightening) because I am a Queen fan.

There’s been a lot of moaning and whinging about this new port, because it’s smaller and people’s peripherals / alarm clocks / chargers will no longer work unless they shell out for the pricey adapter, and even then they may not fit properly. To this, I say tough luck. Mobile phones through the years have routinely required new power adapters, so why is this any different. It’s faster and better so I’m all for it.

Apart from that though, I must confess to finding the new phone to be a little underwhelming. Sure, it’s bigger (so it won’t fit in my pocket as comfortably) and it’s faster, with specs ramped up to the max, but it still looks the same. Where is the innovation that Apple is renowned for? I don’t know… I just wanted them to Think Different, I guess.

When it’s turned on, it displays an extra row of icons. Wow. Now, the interface has always been great – really easy to use, but I can’t help but wish it looked a bit different, a bit more customisable maybe. Rather than something innovative it seems like they are now playing catch up with Samsung.

I have no doubt that it will be a fantastic phone to use, but I just wish that it had been something new, rather than what looks essentially like an upgrade to the same phone, again.

September 12, 2012


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